When it comes to coaching, leadership and facilitation, Miffa is simply the best in the business. Inspirational, challenging, engaging, creative, fun (and funny), always fresh and high octane.
— Andy Donald, Chief Executive, London Borough of Redbridge
Our leadership candidates often cite the Urbancanda sessions as watershed moments in their careers. Accept no substitutes.
— Lisa Taylor, Chief Executive, Future of London
Feedback from everyone has been extremely positive and the whole experience has certainly lifted spirits! I have been really impressed by how well the team is responding, they are really pulling together and supporting each other. I would highly recommend you to any leader looking to improve individual and team performance.
— Penny McKelvey, Head of Governance, Peabody
When Miffa facilitated our Board Away Day we got great results and had fun. She made the whole process easy from beginning to end!
— Geeta Nanda OBE, Chief Executive, Thames Valley Housing
Thank you so much for another illuminating session… I came away feeling challenged to do better and invigorated and wanting to do better.
— Phillipa Bancroft MRICS, Senior Development Manager, Greater London Authority
Whether it is coaching or facilitation, Miffa has a style and approach that supports insightful learning making those involved feel inspired. Miffa is ‘a must’ in these uncertain times.
— Clare Henderson, Director of Commissioning, Primary Care & Integrated Services, NHS Islington
I wanted to say a big thank you for this morning’s session. Personally, I found it fascinating as well as highly enjoyable – a sentiment shared by the others.
— Dominique Oliver, Partner, Pollard Thomas Edwards Architects
I feel really refreshed after our session, with a greater sense of clarity than I’ve ever had before. I’m going to work at this everyday!
— Coachee
Thank you so much for the last few months work which has been hugely helpful. It really helped to focus my thinking. I’m starting to feel like myself again, not like someone who ‘used to be good’.
— Coachee
I don’t believe that I would have been able to take the lead so confidently if I hadn’t been on your programme. I know that it has really helped me to find my own voice.
— Delegate, Future London Leaders Course, Future of London